In this episode of the Dr. Fazil Show, we explore the many causes and injuries that kickstart the development of Dementia. Dr. Fazil explains what could be done to stop the development of dementia and strengthen brain power. Follow along with us in this episode of the Dr. Fazil Show.

What is the correct amount of water we should be drinking each day? This is a question that many doctors get asked daily, including Dr. Fazil. There are many factors that come into play when deciding the correct of water to drink daily, this includes your current health, the area where you live, any medications you are currently taking and many others factors. In this recent interview, Dr. Fazil helps quench this question and provide an answer to his viewers and patients.

Are you having leg pain, leg numbness or having issues when walking. If this is describing your symptoms, follow along with Dr. Fazil to get to the root cause of these issues. In this video Dr. Fazil explores the most common problems that are affecting lower leg pain for millions of people across the planet.