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Dr. Fazil and Bio Clinic want to reassure the Yuma Community that we will be ONE of the few clinics open with options to combat the coronavirus.

Symptoms of COVID-19 appear within two to 14 days after exposure and include fever,
cough, runny nose and difficulty breathing.

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Bio Family Clinic

Bio Family Clinic is a multi-specialty clinic located in Yuma, AZ. It was started by its founder Irfan Fazil, M.D. in 2010. Since its humble inception, it has grown rapidly and covers the Yuma Valley from the furthest portion of Yuma County, San Luis, Foothills and beyond through its multiple strategic office locations. Bio Family Clinic focuses on providing state of art care to the patients its serve with its cutting-edge technology.

We provide various outpatient services including

Bio Family Clinic was recently awarded by Global Health and Pharmaceutical the BEST MULTI SPECIALTY GROUP FOR SOUTH WEST ARIZONA


Helping our Patients lose over 30,000 lbs through our Weight Loss Clinic


Specialty Services We Offer


Locations Available Throughout Yuma, Foothills, Wellton and San Luis


4.5 / 5 Patient Satisfaction Rating from over 100 patients

"Healthcare systems differ around the world and the U.S. has one of the best in the world in terms of treatment."

- Dr. Irfan Fazil

Bio Family Clinic is proud to be a medical clinic devoted to serving and taking care of our military Veterans and their families. By extending our medical services to them in Yuma County and the surrounding areas.