Dizziness Clinic

Are You Experiencing Dizziness?

Do you have frequent headaches?
Do you have frequent migraines?100
Does the room feel like it's spinning?
Do you get nausea's easily?

If like most, you answered yes!

Then there could be more than one thing that could be causing these issues. If you have tried going to your Primary Care Doctor and Specialists and they still have not been able to figure out what is wrong.
Schedule with our Dizziness Clinic to get a complete workup to find the root cause of any of these issues.

There are multiple causes that can cause Dizziness. It could also be a warning sign for other underlying problems as well.
Some issues that can attribute to Dizziness include:


TIA (mini stroke)

Brain Tumor

High Blood Pressure

Heart Issues

Carotid Artery Issues


Ear Infections

Peripheral Neuropathy


Blurred Vision



Sinus Infections

And many more

If you would like to schedule and appointment to be seen by our Dizziness Clinic Physician please follow the link below to schedule your appointment or call us at (928) 342-6500.