In this episode of the Dr. Fazil Show, Dr. Fazil discusses a recurring topic among all of his patients, "Low Back Pain". With multiple probable causes for back pain, there are multiple issues that could cause acute and chronic back pain. Here Dr. Fazil covers the most common diagnosis for back pain and what could be done to minimize or alleviate back pain. Join us in this episode to find out more.

In this episode of the Dr. Fazil Show, Dr. Fazil covers a medical illness that affects millions of people each year. Kidney Stones! Follow along as Dr. Fazil explains what causes kidney stones to develop in the body and what can be done to prevent them from developing and causing so much pain. With straightforward answers and useful tips, you don't want to miss this episode.

What causes back pain? Today Dr. Fazil answers that question, there could be multiple things than can cause pain, it is not always something minuscule. Join Dr. Fazil in this interview as he discusses possible underlying conditions that could cause back pain, ranging from kidney stones to muscle spams or something completely different.