What causes back pain? Today Dr. Fazil answers that question, there could be multiple things than can cause pain, it is not always something minuscule. Join Dr. Fazil in this interview as he discusses possible underlying conditions that could cause back pain, ranging from kidney stones to muscle spams or something completely different.

With more than 8 months of this Coronavirus pandemic, we have finally some positive news regarding a vaccine. In this interview, Dr. Fazil addresses one of the biggest hurdles we will face during this winter season, the Flu and the Coronavirus. With a higher risk than ever to get one of these or both infections, he cautions his viewers on what safety measures to take to minimize exposure and to keep safe. One of the main things that Dr. Fazil recommends is for everyone who is eligible to get a Flu vaccine, to go ahead and get it, this way you risk of getting both infections is minimized and your body does not have to fight two different illnesses.

In compliance with the CDC guidelines, Dr. Fazil holds another remote interview with our guest host Jose. In this interview Dr. Fazil discusses the current advancements towards a Coronavirus vaccine and what current treatments are available until a vaccine is found. He goes into detail on what the current technologies being used are in creation of the vaccine and what new therapeutic treatments are available.

In this remote interview between Dr. Fazil and our host Wendy, they discusses the current advancements of a Coronavirus vaccine and when we might expect it to be available. He goes into detail on what the current technologies being used are in creation of the vaccine here in the United States and how it differs from the vaccine being created in other countries. With over half a year into the pandemic, the rates of infection keep increasing, Dr. Fazil advises all to keep safe and wear a mask to prevent further infections from occurring.

For our latest updates on the pandemic affecting the entire world, Dr. Fazil is keeping up with current news and updates on the daily changing Coronavirus, he addresses new concerns that are being brought up by his patients and the general public. Some of the questions that are addressed, are current hot topics regarding ongoing testing and when we will get a vaccine ready for everyone to get.

From different political views, to different beliefs in science, one thing is for sure, the Coronavirus is not going away anytime soon, this needs to take a global effort to combat and to save as many lives as possible. Join Dr. Fazil in the video above to find out what our next steps to control this virus should be.