Vein & Vascular Treatments


BioClinic now offers treatments for both Venous and Arterial Diseases to our current and new patients. Our current treatments provide our patients to comfort of having multiple treatment options in-house at our clinics. 

Radio Frequency Vein Ablations

Varicose Veins

We use next generation technology with Radio Frequency Vein Ablations to treat Varicose Veins, this service is available at at our Foothills Facility.

Flouroscopy Angiograms

Angiograms performed under flouroscopy help diagnose blockages in the arterial system due to poor circulation, those blockages could be opened up by using balloon angioplasty and stent placements.

Atherectomy Procedure

Removal of plaque by Atherectomy Procedure. Unlike angioplasty and stents that push plaque into the vessel wall, atherectomy cuts plaque from the wall of the artery. Atherectomy treatments are usually employed to treat arteries and it can be used in veins and vascular bypass grafts as well.

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